You are in good company

About the company

Ubiquitic has been founded in 2008 by François Nonnnenmacher (that's me) as a small consulting and services company, specialized in assessing what's working best on the web and planting it in the enterprise. Ubiquitic is based in Noumea, New Caledonia, and works for clients all around the globe. Hey, I have clients in Paris, that is on the other side of the planet!

Why Ubiquitic?

Think about being ubiquitous—thanks to the internet—and you have a hint about the name of the company. The seminal Everyware, The age of ubiquitous computing from Adam Greenfield has also been influential in crafting this name.

About François Nonnenmacher

Francois Nonnenmacher, speaking at Paris Web

I am an engineer, specialized in Information Technologies, and an internet expert. I am also a blogger, an author and a speaker.
Previously, I led the worldwide internet presence of the Capgemini Group from 1998 to 2006 (I shared some insights on that experience). Before that I worked for Apple and Netscape.

My IT experience started in 1980, and my online one in 1986. I have a no-nonsense approach of things, one that allies creativity and pragmatism, research and hands-on field practice, to match usage of technologies with business needs.
Being a chemical engineer with most of my experience as an operational business manager in high-tech industries kept me safe from gas-plants and the kind of IT that amuse technologists only. One of my key strengths today is in being business / IT bilingual, which might explain why many of my clients are non technically-versed people who cannot —or do not want to— work with their internal IT department and just want to get things done. (I do work well with IT people, although sometimes as a casque bleu who's here to bring peace back.)

I am an organizing member of the Paris Web conference, the best francophone conference for people who make qualitative and accessible web sites.